Wedding films
Starting at $5,200

For our Wedding Films we do a single package which includes all day coverage with 2 videographers, the Wedding Highlight Film (which are the films we post online) and a multi cam edit of the Ceremony and Toasts.  Documentary Edit (usually an hour or more that contains the whole ceremony, toasts, and overall more of the day) is available as an add on.  We only offer all day coverage because we believe it’s the best way for us to really tell your story, and we wouldn’t want to deliver anything less. The highlight film will be posted online for you to share and the final product comes as digital files on a thumb drive. The finished films come as digital downloads so you get them as soon as they are completed! You also have the option to order USB drives with an Apple TV or DVD’s containing both the highlight film and documentary edit.

Every year we take on a limited amount of weddings to ensure we can devote the time and effort necessary to really get to know our couples and craft your story. If you’re ready to book or would like to set up a time to meet, click the button below to contact us! Summer dates tend to book quickly so let’s get in touch.

What you get

We absolutely love filming weddings. And our approach is simple. Our goal is to really get to know every couple we work with. How else could we tell your story? Our films are more than a walk through the day’s events. What makes your story unique are the details that are important to you. Our passion for story telling will capture these details that are the foundation of your uniqueness as a couple.

We know having a videographer can be quite the investment, but we honestly and truly believe that it is the best way to capture all the fun, laughter, excitement, anticipation and emotion of a wedding and it’s always the thing couples wish they had once the wedding day has come and gone. As a newly married couple, we are SO passionate about capturing these moments and would love to find a time to chat with you more about our style of filming and our vision of capturing and telling true, authentic stories.


We offer one single package that’s the best of everything we got. We won’t force you to try and decide how many hours you’ll need a videographer because the truth is, the entire day is full of excitement, anticipation, laughter, and love. We want to capture it ALL in order to tell the best version of your story. Our wedding film package includes:

All day filming

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2 Videographers

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Highlight film for online sharing

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Films delivered digitally

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We know everyone has different needs and budgets, which is why our a la carte add-on options provide you with the opportunity to get exactly what you want out of your wedding film. Some of the available options include: 

  • Multicam edits of Ceremony and Toasts
  • Documentary edit (usually around an hour+ documenting the entire day). This is the perfect way to include all those special moments that didn’t fit in the highlight film, including more of the morning prep, all of the ceremony & toasts, and all the other main events of the day.
  • 1 Minute “Instagram” Trailer Edit (2 week delivery). Just can’t wait for your film to be ready? This teaser edit is the perfect way to relive your day and share with friends & family!
  • USB drive with completed films and a new Apple TV
  • DVD’s with custom menus and chapter selection
  • Additional USB Drives with completed films


We know planning a wedding is hard and there are so many details to consider. We expect that you’ll have questions along the way and we’re more than happy to connect and help how we can.

Will we meet up before the wedding?

Absolutely. This is the most important part about filming a wedding- getting to know our couples. While every wedding is different, what’s even more unique is your relationship. We love telling stories and we devote ourselves to really learning about our couples. While the wedding is just one day, your story has been evolving ever since the day you met, so plan on at least a couple of meet ups over coffee or drinks or even Skype if you are from out of the area so we can get to know you (and you can get to know us)!

    What is the difference between a highlight film and the documentary edit?

    Our Highlight Films are perfect for sharing online. Our vision is to capture the essence of your wedding day and tell your story in a cinematic and captivating way. No two wedding films are alike- we spend countless hours reviewing and crafting your story to make sure it truly represents your day. Every edit starts from scratch. From carefully selecting the music to selecting the best footage that conveys all the emotion, excitement and laughter of the day. We truly believe in the power of storytelling to move and inspire others, which is why we love capturing weddings.

    The Documentary Edit is a much longer version of your film. We know how important your day is and there are so many moments worth capturing and preserving, which is why the Documentary Edit has much more of the day, including the entire ceremony, all of the toasts, and overall more of the day. It’s the perfect film to pull out on a special occasion or a rainy day to relive your entire day. All of the important moments are also marked by chapters so you can easily skip to exactly the moment you’d like to watch!

    Do you film destination weddings?

    We’ve filmed all over the country! From LA to the Gulf Shores, Kansas City to Portland, and of course in Eugene and the surrounding area. We love to travel and capture your story wherever it might take place. Let’s chat about where you’re planning to have your wedding! with u

      How long does it take to get my films?

      Our goal is to have both the highlight film and the documentary edit delivered within three to five months of your wedding. We know how anxious the wait can be (we’ve been on the other side of the lens before!) but what is most important to us is crafting a story that is uniquely yours. While this takes more time than throwing a bunch of clips together mixed to music, we absolutely believe that the extra time spent creates a stronger story that truly captures the day.

      How do I reserve my date?

      Be sure to connect with us as soon as possible! Summers book fast and we limit the number of weddings we film so we can devote the most time and energy to every single couple we work with. To reserve your date, we require a signed contract and a 25% retainer.

      I’ve got a week of activities planned. Is that something you capture too?

      While the wedding takes place on a single day, we know often times there’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had before and after the wedding day! Let’s chat about what you have planned and how it fits into your story.

        We are storytellers. You have a wonderful story. We want to tell it.

        Creative and cinematic wedding films, photography, open-air booths and the PhotoSwagon. 

        Based in Eugene, Oregon, but available for destination weddings all over the world.


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